Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 5.0.3

Version release: 5.0.3
Date: Nov 11th, 2014

Update Type: Security + Patch

This update includes fixes to reported issues, as well a vulnerability discovered within our theme. We won’t go into details about that vulnerability due to it being a public announcement but we’ll happily explain that further within our support forums. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to register with our support forums.
We strongly encourage you update to the latest version, 5.0.3 to address those reported issues and vulnerability. Though should this not be an option available, we’ve provided a patched file in our forums as well. This file will be applicable for all versions 4.0 to it’s most current release, version 5.0.3.

Important Reminder: Please BACKUP FIRST!

We cannot be held responsible for issues that are incurred during your updating from previous versions. We strongly encourage and recommend you backing up your website prior to performing any updates to it. This will at least ensure that if issues are encountered, you can easily restore back the previously working version of it.

Need help updating your website? We offer $35.00 installs and updates for our buyers. You simply need to contact us privately via our website and we’ll consult the requirements. In most scenarios, so long as there are not modifications into the core theme files, or any ‘special’ circumstances, turnaround times are 24 hours max.

To update your website, you simply need to download the updated version of the theme from Themeforest and extract that folder to your desktop. Now open that folder and inside it locate the “Template Files” folder and you’ll find the latest version available. Inside that folder is a zipped version and unzipped version of this theme. The choice of which to upload is preference to the user/

The zipped folder is quicker to upload but does require additional steps. An upload using the zipped folder will require you logging into your hosting environment, using File Manager, you’ll have to locate that to extract and overwrite the existing files. Also explained in our documentation similar to uploading from the initial install process.

Using that, connect to your website via FTP and locate your “…/wp-content/themes/” directory where “/kingsize” should currently reside. You want to overwrite this folder with the new folder you’ve downloaded. Once you’ve completed that, load up your website and review the modifications and ensure it’s working.

That being said, we’ll now explain what’s been done:

1. Fixed the differences between KingSize versions.

There were buyer concerns received about the release of Version 5+ that reflected an upset for the changes proposed in our responsive version. These changes were minor, but we believed them to add a new and fresh look to it. Unfortunately, some buyers did not like it.

These modifications have been reverted as much as possible to earlier versions. These would include:

– Changed the default border colour for the menu items
– Changed the default text colour for the font and links
– Changed the grid layout from a portrait style to landscape

Take note: In the release of version 5.0 the footer became a 2 column layout verses 1 row. In doing so, this made the footer “50% copyright” and “50% social networks”. To remove this, you need to edit the footer.php and an explanation can be found within our support forums here if interested in returning it to 1 column again.

Aside from that, visual design remains the same as it was.

2. Corrected the issue with long titles not displaying properly.

3. Corrected the issue with alignment of the menu arrows.

4. Fixed the issue with font sizes being shown incorrectly in the navigation.

5. Fixed the issues with the Child Theme activation and style sheets.

6. Fixed the methodology of the navigation with linked parents and sub level menu items.

In earlier versions of 5.0 when a parent menu item that had sub level menus was also linked, it caused you to not be able to select that parent link and open it on mobile devices. This was due to the requirement of being able to ‘expand’ on click to show the sub level menu items. Making it impossible to click that parent link to open and so now when a parent link with sub level items is used, that parent item link will show as a sub level item.

7. Slider Post error:

This is seen in some installations and will display an error mentioning “slider-posttype.php”. In these scenarios, it is because your hosting environment does not support the default method we’ve used and as a result, returns the mentioned error. This is not in all environments but will happen in a few.

In a case like this, we’ve included in the “Patches and Extras” folder (located in the Documentation folder) a patched file that you simply upload to overwrite the original file. This will then resolve the mentioned errors.

8. In version 5.0.2 we mentioned the removal of the ‘now‘ obsolete Portfolio Height option but appears we left a little coding dust behind that still made reference to this feature. It should all now be removed from the theme.

9. Fixed the issue with lightbox being non-responsive in Colorbox galleries.

10. Added styling for the Menu Widget inside the footer.

11. Added styling to the generic text when used inside the footer widgets.

12. Fixed the issue with slider descriptions breaking into two lines randomly.

As a result, we’ve defined a “max-width” to the slider descriptions.

So that clears up what we’ve been doing, let’s take a look at what has been changed throughout the files now.

13. Fixed the issue with duplicate titles showing inside the single posts.

This was originally in previous versions displaying the category that post was in. In our latest version 5+ release, we overlooked the category reference and were calling the title of that post into this area. That has now been resolved and is showing properly the category which it’s in.

14. Added new conditional image-type recognition for Favicons.

We’ve also included a new option to “disable” favicons if you wish to include your own coding in the Custom Header area of the Theme Options.

Change Log for Version 5.0.3:


We have also included a new patched file in the “Documentation” folder > “Patches and Extras” for the slider-posttype.php error that at times can be present in some environments. Documentation file has been updated to include an anonymous thank you to a buyer who has contributed a lot of help in the release of version 5.0.3 but has requested to be anonymous for the time being for personal reasons.


If you’ve discovered any issues, bugs or having complications, we strongly encourage and recommend you to register for our Buyer Support Forums. We do not provide support within the Themeforest comments. Please take a moment, it’s free to valid buyers, register and seek your theme purchase support within the forums. We generally respond within 24hrs to a maximum 48hrs Monday through Friday.

Our support forums are here:

Please read our Buyer Support Forum Post Guidelines before posting.

It’s important to mention your website url for reference, as well version.


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Important Reminder: We will be removing Timthumb support in our next update. We’ve provided 30 days notification prior to now that this was coming soon. We want to again remind you that if you’re using Timthumb to switch to an alternative already available in the theme. We recommend AquaResizer. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. Your best interest is our intentions in this.

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