KingSize WordPress Responsive v5.0

It brings us great pleasure to announce the release of KingSize WordPress Version 5.0, which is now a fully RESPONSIVE website [template]!

Long overdue but we’ve done it and it’s now available for download on ThemeForest! Just log into your account, go to your account downloads and locate the KingSize WordPress.

Using Zurb Foundation as it’s responsive framework, KingSize WordPress now offers support for a lot of new features standard to Foundation.

[warning_box]A important reminder to buyers: Backup your website BEFORE updating! We cannot be responsible for any issues. It is your responsibility to take precautions when updating your website.[/warning_box]

With this release comes minimal new functionality as our primary focus was to make our theme responsive. There are a few new features and noticeable changes though. We’ll list those out below so you can get an idea of what’s new and what has changed since our previous version 4.1.6.

Change Log

In short, you can assume that all files were modified in one way or another throughout this version 5.0 release.

We could list out each and every file involved but it’s just easier to say we’ve modified all theme files in this release.

We’ve also added a lot of new files, those related to the Zurb Foundation framework, as well update some scripts.

To keep it simple: While it may be the same theme and work as it did before, there are so many changes to it’s framework that all files were modified. We hope this won’t inconvenience you but if you’ve any questions or concerns, we encourage you to use our Buyer Support Forums.

[info_box]Import Note about Version 5.0: If in previous versions of the KingSize WordPress theme you’ve made CSS Overrides / Modifications, there is a good chance many of those will no longer work. For clarification, those changes added via Theme Options > Miscellaneous > CSS Overrides. The reason for this is many of our ID’s and Classes have changed throughout the theme. This is also explained in our forum discussion here.[/info_box]

New Features / Options

This release isn’t really a “feature” release as much as it was our focusing our providing our buyers with a fully responsive framework to use.

Though with this release, we did include a few changes such as:

  1. Portfolios now support all layout options:
    2columns, 3columns, 4columns and grid layouts
  2. There is a new Gallery slider called Orbit.
  3. The obvious: It’s responsive! YAY!
  4. We’ve included new tooltip options:
    Align tooltips left, right, top, bottom as desired.
  5. We’re using Video.js to handle MP4 videos.
  6. …More features are to be released in an upcoming version!

Buyer Support / Report an Issue

If you’re having any problems with your updated version 5.0 or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Buyer Support Forums. We are available Monday through Friday with a general 48 hour response time. We’ll do our absolute best to answer all your questions and concerns as fast as possible but if there’s any delay we in advance, thanks for your patience.

Buyer support is FREE for our template buyers as long as their support is within the scope of our buyer support. Meaning support for “as is”, or technical questions regarding functionality / usage, reporting / fixing bugs and anything that’s generally within a 10 minute time span. Anything that exceeds 1 to 2 lines of coding, or more than 15 minutes of our time, will often lead to our referring you to inquire about our development services.

Please note: When reporting a bug, it’s helpful to have:

  • A link to the website the bug can be seen on.
  • Indication of the version used for KingSize WordPress.
  • Indication of the WordPress version installed.
  • Read our Post Guidelines before posting on our forums.

With bug reports, we’ll look into these immediately and as necessary release updated patches for download within our forums. We’ll try and avoid frequent updates until we get closer to a stable version as not to bug our buyers with one update after another. So if you think there’s problems with your installation, check the forums and at the top you’ll always find our most important announcements (which is where patches will be posted). Please do give us a little time when looking into bugs reported – thanks!

Premium Services

Premium Support is available if interested. We receive a lot of interest in Phone support, as well private one-on-one support and you can contact us privately to inquire about these available services.

Paid Installs / Updates

If you require assistance installing or updating your KingSize WordPress theme, we offer this service for a flat $35.00 (CAD) fee. This does not include carrying over customizations / modifications made into the theme, as that would be additional efforts to be considered on top of the updates / installs. If interested, you can contact us privately to inquire about this.

Upcoming Pending Features

Just to highlight a few things to anticipate in coming weeks:

  1. We’re looking for help localizing the KingSize WordPress theme.
  2. We’re looking to create a list of supported – good to use plugins.
  3. We’re going to be integrating new Gallery and Portfolio layouts.
  4. We’re going to be making it easier to use Portraits inside galleries.
  5. We’re going to be looking to update some outdated jQuery scripts.
  6. We’re going to be adding a “Back to Top” feature (it’s optional).
  7. We’re going to be creating new full blown video tutorials again!
  8. We’re going to be considering a potential e-commerce solution.
  9. …These features and more are things coming in the weeks ahead!

If you’ve a suggestion for the KingSize WordPress theme, please share it!

[info_box]We strongly encourage our buyers using Timthumb to prepare using one of the alternatives available via “Theme Options > General Settings” as we will be depreciated the Timthumb usage within our theme in the coming 30 days (by November 30th, 2014). Since Timthumb is no longer a supported or developed resource, it poses risks to our buyers that we wish not to expose you to. We’d recommend you use AquaResizer as it’s a wonderful solution as an alternative to Timthumb.[/info_box]

In Conclusion

We hope that you all enjoy the newly release responsive version of KingSize WordPress and we’re certain there’s going to be a few areas we may have overlooked during our developments, but we’ll make fixing those concerning areas a priority in the coming days as they’re reported to us. Be sure you keep an eye out for patches released in the forums and in coming days I’m sure we’ll be releasing an updated stable version to our now available Version 5.0.

Happy trails and thanks for your purchase of KingSize WordPress!